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Betnet Zero Team of 100 Champions

Join Team of 100 Champions!

I'm A Skeptic Just Like You!

This is truly and without a doubt a gamblers pipe dream, allow me to explain: We’re building a team of 100 players who won’t have the need to ever play another bet in their lives all that is required from them is to bring their bankroll of 100 units of $25 dollar value and we will give them access to our Betnet Zero software free of charge.

The rules are very simple the player needs to type in the last 5 results of a Baccarat shoe and the software will tell them to make a single bet.

Join Team of 100 Champions!

Our System will guide them to close micro games to collect profits to close shoes and to withdraw the profits for the day. Means not losing  So always go for green. 

Why Is This The Perfect Opportunity for You To Beat the Casino, and even the playing field at their own game.

At the end of each day the player will be required to withdraw only the profits he will keep 40% and will relay the remaining 60% to his account manager. The BaccaratTKO group creates an opportunity for any player to have a fighting chance to beat the casino playing fair and square, without the need to use anything else that might be considered cheating by the casino.

Join Team of 100 Champions!

Each player will have an account manager, this person is a Baccarat professional whose job is to keep the security of our players and their bankroll and maintaining their casino accounts are in good standards.
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